Dart Master Solo - $24.95

While we are still having problems getting the DartMaster Original case, we have been able to acquire the NEW DartMaster Solo.  The big difference between the older model & the newer one is the removal of the DartMaster leather logo (more room to personalize your case) and the addition of a carabiner style clip to replace the Velcro belt loop on the back.  However, the quality you've come to expect from DartMaster remains the same!


Due to problems getting in touch with and receiving DartMaster Original products, we have been forced to remove their cases from our online inventory.   We will list their items for sale again if/when we are able to receive them in-stock.


The front zipper pouch holds tips, shafts, accessories, etc.  On the inside, the Velcro pocket can hold flights or other accessories.  The hard inner case holds your darts while keeping your flights square.  No need to remove your flights every time you decide to carry your darts somewhere.

In Store Price - $24.95



DM Solo Case - Black


DM Solo Case - Blue


DM Solo Case - Purple


DM Solo Case - Red