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Okay, so we've decided you're interested in Steel Tip darts.  We're getting closer to pointing you in the right direction.  But we're not quite there.  I need to ask another question.


Would you like for the points on your darts to move (moveable) or not (fixed)?


What's the difference?  Well, quite a bit actually.  While it may not be necessary for your point to move in order for you to enjoy the game, it may come in handy for winning.  What happens when a fixed point dart hits a wire is simple, it bounces back out of the board.  When a dart with a moveable point hits a wire, unless it hits dead on, the energy from the darts forward movement forces the point past the wire and on into the board.  Tom, the owner of T & A Darts, constantly reminds people who ask - it's like 4 wheel drive for your pick up.  You don't need it until you need it.  And you only need it when your wantin' to win.  What it all breaks down to is that you have a better chance of improving your scores if your darts stay in the board and a moveable point helps. 


So, would you like your point move or not?